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The Peace & Justice Network (PJN) Pakistan is a national Civil Society Network consisting of 52 organizations registered under Section 42 as a not for profit rights based network with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), working across Pakistan (in all provinces and territories, including GB and AJK) to enhance legal empowerment, to improve access to justice of poor and vulnerable communities, to protect and promote human rights, to ensure social justice and to advocate and support rule of law reforms. PJN core focus is on the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. We believe that if we want Peace in Pakistan, we have to work for Justice. 

PJN strives to provide this platform to serve as a hub for strategic rule of law planning and management, policy advocacy, programme networking, stakeholder communication and coordination, and network partner management of fiduciary and programming risks. This gives PJN certain distinct advantages in designing and executing Rule of Law programming with the highest of efficiency and impact:

  1. PJN has national coverage and outreach capacity, along with grassroots level presence in most districts.
  2. PJN has formal and informal linkages with a diverse array of institutional stakeholders, including the judiciary, regional bar associations / councils, parliamentarians and political leadership, prosecution, police and parole and probation authorities. These linkages can be leveraged for providing upstream policy analysis and advice sourced from the grassroots.
  3. Despite its diversity of membership, PJN provides a single-window for interaction with the government and international donors, through its duly empowered and representative Secretariat in Islamabad.
  4. PJN has extensive experience in Rule of Law, especially in raising legal literacy and awareness and providing legal aid. Member organisations have a sizable portfolio of multi-million dollar programming conducted on behalf of a broad range of international donors with successful impacts on ground, as verified by third-party evaluations.

PJN Vision:

"A peaceful society governed by laws where the rights of individuals are secure".


PJN Mission Statement:

"To help build institutions which can strengthen democracy, deliver quick and inexpensive justice, and resolve conflict in a way that protects the rights of citizens, as enshrined in the Constitution, laws and international commitments pertaining to Pakistan".




Our core strength is our ability to provide upstream policy advice based on ground realities which can help improve the delivery if justice sector services that reflect the needs and priorities of citizens, especially those who are vulnerable.


Pakistan SDG 16 Knowledge HUB

Human Right Story

Legal Advisory Helpline 0800-SALSI

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Publications consist of Peace & Justice Network (PJN) Visionary & Strategic Documents, Research Work, Annual Reports, Policies & Procedures, IEC Material, Brochures, and other capacity building resource material. 

Organizational ProfileCharter of Peace & JusticePJN Theory of ChangePJN Goal 16 Advocacy Strategy 2030Bi-Monthly Media MonitorLegal Aid Research papersIEC Material on RightsWorking Papers & ReportsDLEC Factsheet (2012 – 2016)Community Paralegal Training Manual

Public Awareness-Raising:

Public awareness plays an important role in articulating demand for social, political and legal reform as well as changing attitudes and knowledge on law and justice. Awareness of legal and constitutional rights amongst the general public, especially with respect to fundamental rights which must be protected at all costs.

Despite the passage of recent legislation and reforms, the utility of such measures is in serious jeopardy until they can be translated to the grassroots level. Therefore, PJN proposes to raise public awareness on crucial issues related to rights and justice through a sustained, collaborative and intensive effort involving all stakeholders, especially the general public, to contribute towards strengthening the Rule of Law in Pakistan.

For this purpose, PJN intends to engage the media as a key institution in raising awareness and promoting the agenda for policy and law reform to the general public. Today, the media (in particular social media) has the power to affect change and provide a voice to the common man, including vulnerable and underprivileged segments of society, and therefore its crucial importance must not be ignored.

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