DAI Youth Peace Building Project

Tajeed-e-Ehad Project:

Peace & Justice Network (PJN) is a national institution working for a peaceful, just and inclusive Pakistan. PJN has vast experience in South Punjab with different stakeholders including educational institutions directly as well as through its network members. PJN have programs focusing on UNHCR 1325 (Women, Peace and Security) and UNHCR 2250 (Youth, Peace and Security). Recently, PJN has signed letter of collaboration with Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU). As per the request of university administration, PJN proposed to establish six (06) peace clubs in six (06) departments (natural sciences departments) of BZU to engage maximum number of students in peace building activities. PJN believes that well-informed and well–equipped “student clubs” are the best shield against violent extremist ideologies and thoughts. This campaign clubbed with the engagement of students from other departments will help in changing the complexion of educational institutes such as BZU.

Under the proposed activity, PJN intends to strengthen work of already existing peace club/societies and establish six (06) new departmental based peace clubs in Natural sciences departments of BZU. PJN will engage these student clubs in more concrete policy development work by engaging them in talk shows, seminars and panel discussions by engage the entire relevant stakeholder. Peace Olympiad and Model UN for Peace style events and social simulation will be used for improved communication skills and conflict resolution. PJN will also provide a platform where club members can also share their experiences and social action plans with other clubs/societies working in other CRA targeted universities.


Activity Objectives

Objective 1 (Output):

Establish and train six peace clubs on CVE principles at BZU Multan

Objective 2 (Outcome):

Capacity of targeted peace club enhanced on CVE initiatives

Objective 3 (IR):

To increase engagement of universities on CVE initiatives at Azm-e-Pakistan’s targeted campuses

Objective 4 (Impact):

Enhanced tolerance within and across communities


Activity Summary

This activity seeks to build on peace promotion work on the Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan (BZU) campus through the existing Peace Club started under the PERSI program and by establishing six (06) departmental (natural sciences departments) level peace clubs at BZU. The need arises due to the non-existent or dysfunctional student platforms at targeted CRA university campuses in South Punjab. Azm-e-Pakistan will select and orient 180 students and 12 student advisors on CVE. These platforms will also be equipped to perform their functions enabling engagement of over 5200 students through design and implementation of 54 Social Action Projects (SAP) including 12 self-initiative SAPs on campus. This activity will contribute towards the AeP Punjab objective of increasing engagement of universities on CVE initiatives and larger program objective of enhanced tolerance within and across communities.


Activity Justification (Theory of Change):

If new student peace clubs are established and members are oriented on CVE, then the peace clubs’  ability to carry out CVE initiatives at target campus will be increased , because  

- Orientation sessions motivate students to engage in meaningful open-ended tasks to complement their academics

- SAP centered modules strengthen students' sense of civic responsibility, which translates into increased action.

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