National Multi-stakeholder Consultation on SDG 16

Sun, September 16, 2018

Planning Commission SDGs Section in collaboration with Peace & Justice Network (PJN) has organized “Multi-stakeholder Consultation on SDG 16” on July 09, 2018 in the auditorium of the P-Block Pak Secretariat Islamabad. Multi-stakeholder consultation on Goal 16 involved over 100 stakeholders from government, CSOs, international development partners, donor agencies, academia, think-tanks and representatives from private sector who are in one way or another linked with the Goal 16.


Current discourse on the SDGs in general, and Goal 16 in particular, is centered mostly around the challenge of developing stakeholder coordination and gathering and reporting data in a way that allows national and sub-national governments – as well as civil society and private sector – to monitor progress, course-correct for opportunities and pitfalls, and built and retain momentum. 

Pakistan government has taken some very important first steps towards setting up an institutional mechanism for achieving the SDGs. They’ve put together taskforces in the national and provincial assemblies and SDG units have been established in the Planning Commission at the national level and within the provincial Planning and Development Departments. However, the primary analysis identified significant challenges in the implementation and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goal 16. Goal 16 is considered as pre-requisite in determining effective success on the rest of Agenda 2030. If we fail here, chances are, we will not be able to succeed elsewhere.

The Multi-stakeholder Consultation Meeting on SDG 16 was designed in three sessions targeted to;

  • Session I: Introductory to Goal 16 and Policy Coherence: Build participants understanding on SDG 16, its coordination and interlinkages. (By M. Ali Kemal, Economic Policy Advisor, Planning Commission Federal SDGs Support Unit)
  • Session II: Addressing the SDG 16 Challenges: Collaborations and Initiatives (Knowledge Management) (By Syed Raza Ali, Executive Director Peace & Justice Network Pakistan)
  • Session III: Development of SDG 16 Implementation and Reporting Framework. Also to identify government agencies responsible for acting as a hub for coordinating, reporting and monitoring, planning and leading on Goal 16 progress. (By Nadeem Ahmed, Social Policy Advisor, Planning Commission Federal SDGs Support Unit)
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