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Peace & Justice Network (PJN) seeks to establish a national collaborative network of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working across Pakistan (in all provinces and territories, including GB and AJK) to help build institutions which can strengthen democracy, deliver quick and inexpensive justice, and manage conflict to uphold the fundamental social, political and economic rights of citizens.

This unified platform is crucial for strengthening the Rule of Law in Pakistan through strategic interventions through planning and management, policy advocacy, legislative reform, programme networking, stakeholder communication and coordination, and partner management of fiduciary and programming risks. PJN has established formal and informal linkages with a diverse array of institutional stakeholders including the judiciary, regional bar associations/councils, policy makers and political leadership, prosecution, and police. We aim to cultivate these linkages to create public demand for justice which will translate into policy and legislative reform.

A brief outline of the scope of your partnership with PJN includes the following:

  • Collaborative ventures with Pakistan Justice Network in relevant target and thematic areas (as mentioned above) as and when needed;
  • Endorsement and representation of PJN at nationwide forums;
  • Mutual sharing of resources and knowledge products with all PJN partners; and
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for official partnership with your organisation.

PJN therefore invites competent and credible civil society organizations to join PJN’s platform for a collaborative and coordinated response across Pakistan. The organizations expressing interest in this regard will be assessed through capacity assessment procedure to meet prerequisites of general membership.

For membership request and further detail, please email your query at [email protected] and for Natnional Alliance for Goal 16 please click



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