Mobile App for Legal Empowerment - Haqq

Peace & Justice Network (PJN) in partnership with Law & Justice Commisison of Pakistan (LJCP) launched first ever mobile application on legal empowerment and access to justice on 29th August, 2016 in “National Exhibition on the use of Information Technology in Justice Sector”. Application is available on google play store on following link

Haqq is a web based mobile application design to ensure legal empowerment and access to justice for every citizen in Pakistan. This app consist of following features:




Application Features: 

Rights & Procedurestab will inform you about your fundamental and legal rights as well as legal procedures such as FIR registration etc.

Helplines (Justice Support) tab will give you an easy access to all quality legal aid support, psychosocial support, grievance redressals and rehabilitation support. 

Protection Centerstab will guide you information about centers established for protection services across Pakistan.

Legal Aid Mechanisms tab will give you the detail of legal aid mechanisms available for poor and vulnerable litigants in order to access their rights which they are unable due to limited financial resources.

Justice Rounduptab will update you about Rule of Law Statistics in Pakistan for better governance and accountability. This also provide latest justice news. 

Websites (Justice Institutions) tab gives you the directory of all the justice institutions websites and other key institutions in the country including AJK and GB.

Emergency Responseicon is at the top right of the App Home page and will help you to send an emergency message to 3 mobile numbers that you feed in at the time of entering the application. Only press this button when there is an extreme emergency and you are in urgent need of support. 

Institutional Complaint Mechanisms comes under Contact Us tab where community can send their complaint directly to PJN. If Government Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, Justice Institutions, Ombudsman, RTI Offices, etc. are non-responsive in provision of your rights please send your complaint at protection@pjn.org.pk





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