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Fundamental Rights lay at the very heart of the Constitutional concept of Pakistan. They protect very basic “interests” that are considered “inviolable” and essential to the development of the human personality and society, such as life (art. 9), dignity (art. 14) and equality (art. 25).

To pave the way for Just Society, the Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan’s launched mass public awareness campaign on Fundamental Rights, the Principles of Policy and the Preamble, inaugurated by Chief Justice of Pakistan on Human Rights Day. The awareness campaign aim to empower masses with the knowledge of their fundamental rights and duties, ultimately to be able to share power equally, gain full access to the means of development and to inspire to work together towards achieving equality and justice.

To realize its vision of “a peaceful society governed by laws where the rights of individuals are secure", Peace & Justice Network (PJN) in coordination with Law & Justice Commission of Pakistan has launched national awareness campaign “Justice is My Right” / “Insaf Maira Haqq Hay”.  


IEC Material on Rights URDU

          Zindagi Ka Haqq                     Barabari Ka Haqq                       Insaf Ka Haqq       Behtar Tarze Hukamrani Ka Haqq     Taraqi Ka Haqq




IEC Material on Rights English

            Right to Life                          Right to Equality                        Right to Justice             Right to Good Governance      Right to Development


          Right to Dignity




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