Charter of Peace & Justice

Promise of Pakistan

The Preamble, the Principles of Policy and Fundamental Rights namely the essence and the spirit of the Constitution. Without these elements, the Constitution would be a mechanical document structuring and distributing State power and authority. But it is precisely these elements that make our Constitution a dynamic and vibrant document in the life and development of both State and society. They connect our past, present and future in a very real sense, and highlight the centrality of the Constitution to our progress and development as a Just Society as promised by the Constitution. They touch upon the very essence of the State of Pakistan as a concept, a reality and an aspiration. It is these elements that define our rule of law as a substantive rule of law by means of which the sense of fairness and justice become integral to our determination of what makes valid law and policy. They inform our understanding and interpretation of the Constitution, laws, public policy and mandates.







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