Naya Daur, Nai Soch (new age,new ideas)

NayaDaur ( a project of Public Broadcasting Network (PBN), a nonprofit and Peace & Justice Network (PJN)) is a digital portal and primarily uses the Facebook for engagement. NayaDaur, was established with the support of a few generous Pakistani professionals. It is accessible via web, mobile and other platforms - for news and informed commentaries employing visual storytelling tools such as shortvideos, documentaries, infographics etc. In future, it will feature podcasts and special reports on key issues that face Pakistan as well as the South Asian region.

The media landscape in Pakistan has changed order past two decades. But the corporate nature of electronic media also makes the news and TV discussion skewed in favor of sensational political conflicts; and infotainment packages that undermine the objective of fearless, public interest-driven journalism.

Increasingly the digital media providing the venue for social and political debates and, is, relatively free of censorship. We wish to influence public opinion and educate Pakistan's young population that receives information through the mainstream media. The latter is not only biased, but also articulates a strong ideological agenda to popularize narratives of powerful interest groups in Pakistan. We wish to change that.

Currently, a small team of editors works with freelance writers and video journalists. Overtime, we intend to increase this team employing young graduates of Pakistan’s media and communications departments and others who wish to contribute to this mission.



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